We’re on a mission—to operate courageously & to enable F5000 teams to innovate and grow like startups.


We look for high-integrity, poised professionals who have grace under fire, especially when operating in high levels of uncertainty. We look for articulate team-oriented leaders; self-starters with a humble, growth mindset, and the courage to tackle challenges head-on. We look for a track record of proven performance, especially in the synthesis of information, and translation into digestible insights to tell a compelling story. We look for a balance of attention to detail while embracing an entrepreneurial spirit – driving clarity out of chaos while hustling to figure-things-out-as-you-go, finding ways to add value—no matter what.

This role is location agnostic. Today, our work is 100% virtual, though there are expectations to travel a couple days a quarter for team events. Candidates must be open to ~15% travel if delivery transitions back to in-person.

At least 5 years of experience in brand management, insights, innovation, market research, product development, client relationship management, capability building, workshop facilitation, or other similar background welcomed.


You'll be on a team, collaborating with others to help corporate teams operate like startups against their biggest challenges. Here are a few things that you'll do:

  • Support Delivery of Client Engagements: Strategists serve as the voice of the consumer (or other key stakeholders) throughout the end-to-end engagement in partnership with the Directors.
  • Research Delivery: Our Strategists facilitate all qualitative and quantitative research. This includes working with our 3rd party vendors on recruiting and logistics, owning the analysis of multiple consumer research touch points, and consistently identifying themes in unstructured data in research reporting to provide strategic recommendations to clients. 
  • Support Business Development Efforts: From identifying new leads, supporting pitch calls and proposal writing, the Strategist partners with Directors on the writing, review, and delivery of proposals with a custom-designed approach to deliver on the client's business objectives.


  • Client/Account Management: Strong oral & written communication skills, exhibits professionalism, able to facilitate strategic conversations with the client and research partners despite high levels of uncertainty. 
  • Data (Qualitative & Quantitative) Analysis: Ability to manage and digest both quantitative and qualitative data, synthesizing it into digestible insights, and building an easy-to-follow story to bring all stakeholders along the journey.  
  • Curious Learner & Associative Thinking: Adept at keeping a pulse on the market & trends, smart research skills to quickly collect and connect dots in new ways.  
  • Project Management: High attention to detail; ability to manage multiple projects and timelines, including the management of project-level logistics (e.g. booking venues, food, etc. for engagements and conferences).
  • Financial Fluency: Managing project-level costs to ensure they are in-line with project expectations and advising on alternative solutions to meet financial goals. 


High Integrity: An ideal candidate…

  • Is Trusted – they connect authentically with others & believes that vulnerability drives courage.
  • Gets Results – they do what it takes to deliver with excellence and always finish what they started.
  • Is Oriented to the Truth – they seek and understand reality, adjusting their plan to meet each constraint.
  • Embraces the negative, and eats problems for breakfast.
  • Knows they aren’t finished products, and seeks to get better all the time.
  • Is oriented toward transcendence – they seek to understand the bigger picture, and knows that the work is about something much bigger than themselves.

High Competency: An ideal candidate…

  • Exudes Credibility – they exude observable knowledge, skills & abilities.
  • Is Battle-Tested – they are ready for anything, regardless of whether or not they have been there before.
  • Is a Proven Performer – they have a track record of clear contribution to organizational success & have demonstrated hustle as a consistent discipline across a range of personal and professional experiences.
  • Has Relevant Experience – this isn’t their first rodeo; they can hit the ground running…and can learn the rest along the way.
  • Is Poised & Professional - they have grace under fire, particularly when operating in high levels of ambiguity.

If you're more interested in contracting as a Strategist, rather than working full-time, please fill out this separate application.

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