We’re looking for a curious learner who wants to jump into projects, find ways to add value and build experience through a paid internship at The Garage Group. An ability to learn quickly and an eagerness to roll up your sleeves and figure things out as you go are key requirements for this role. The remote Lean Research Intern will support our project delivery and marketing teams while learning and growing at The Garage Group.


What’s in it for you:

You’ll be learning and growing with each custom project and will gain tremendous exposure to the day-to-day challenges of managing uncertainty in the volatile world of business strategy, innovation, and consumer behavior/insights. Through this experience you’ll: 

  • Learn new tools, methodologies, and approaches that will flex your associative thinking muscle, setting you up for a strong future in the marketing and innovation space.
  • Explore the power of entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Gain experience that will help develop your strategic thinking, problem-solving, and relationship management skills.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to and make an impact on some of the best Fortune 500 brands and products – that you can point out on store shelves and feel proud of!  


What you’ll do:

  • Support secondary research assessing the landscape of different client categories and industries including trends, competitive activity, consumer assessments, and more.
  • Support project-based quick-turn qualitative research. This will include exposure in working with our 3rd party vendors on recruiting, research logistics, moderation, data analysis, and reporting. 
  • Enable business development and marketing efforts by researching target client accounts and partnering on an outreach strategy to grow target accounts. 
  • You’ll roll up your sleeves and deliver critical activities such as developing reports, building decks, prepping Miro boards for sessions, doing desk research, supporting cross-functional efforts, completing data analysis, and more.


Things we’re looking for:

  • Someone who thrives in a work environment full of ambiguity and freedom. A self-motivated, initiative-taker who can manage their own time.
  • Someone who enjoys going heads-down to get stuff done independently as much as they enjoy working collaboratively with others. 
  • A self-described 'people-person' who finds ease and enjoyment in connecting with new people from any background and can build relationships virtually.
  • A natural storyteller with a knack for organizing complicated information in a simple way, using excellent written and visual communication skills.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to translate qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights and conclusions.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset of hustle, natural curiosity, jumping in on tasks with humility (regardless of title), and a deep knowing that better results come from collaboration.
  • A flow-to-the-work mentality with the ability to flex your schedule as the project work ebbs and flows.
  • Soft skills, including practicing empathy with co-workers and clients, the ability to actively listen, understand how nonverbal communication impacts relationships, and adapt work style to our team.
  • Savvy user of Google Suite, Microsoft, Keynote, etc., and ability to "pick up" new platforms quickly.
  • Relevant school-based or previous internship experience in research, marketing, consulting, and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Desired major/background: Open to anyone with related experience.


Here’s how we’d describe you: You recognize an inefficiency; can define problems well; and then proactively set out to solve them in uber-smart ways. Jumping into a new space, a new approach or a new constraint gives you energy. If there’s not an existing path, you create one. True partnership with internal teams means you equally “own” the integrity of business decisions they are making, and you take that seriously. You strive for pragmatic excellence in everything you do. You learn fast, pay attention to details, invest in relationships and you recognize opportunities to add value for clients, co-workers and anyone else whose path crosses with yours. 


Bonus if you have a Spotify slow jams playlist and think coffee should be its own food group.


  • Paid internship, $15/hour
  • The expectation is 40 hours per week with flexibility on a day-by-day basis depending on the flow of work; limited overtime at 1.5x hourly rate and only with written approval.
  • Start-End Dates will be aligned to each intern’s summer schedule, but roughly 10-12 weeks.
  • This role is considered a Seasonal position and therefore does not qualify for benefits.


Next Steps

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