Do you geek out on research and find yourself always seeking to understand the deeper “why”?

Do you love learning from customers/consumers? 

Do you thrive while managing ALL the details and describe yourself as naturally curious? 

The Garage Group is looking for an emerging leaders in market researchers to join our Lean Research Function. We are looking for someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and work fast to push our projects forward. Working in partnership with Lean Research Directors and our Strategy Teams, you will play a critical role in executing all the moving parts of our research projects, along with collaboratively designing the learning approaches. You’ll have ownership of several key pieces with a mix of independent and team work. 

What’s in it for you:

You’ll be learning and growing with each custom project and will gain tremendous exposure to the day-to-day challenges of designing and managing research logistics in the volatile world of business strategy, innovation, and consumer behavior/insights. Through this experience you’ll: 

  • Gain experience that will strengthen your research expertise, while solidifying your strategic thinking, problem-solving, and relationship management skills.
  • Master the power of entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Learn new tools, methodologies and approaches that build out your research capabilities by extending into new lean ways of researching and thinking.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to, and make an impact on, some of the best Fortune 500 brands and products – that you can point out on store shelves or in-market, and feel proud of! 


What you’ll help lead and/or contribute: 

  • You’ll roll up your sleeves and support the execution of end-to-end research including leading the screener development, managing recruiting, managing research partner relationships, programming research platforms, and preparing the final data.
  • You’ll maintain necessary controls and procedures to ensure data accuracy and compliance with privacy and security policies.
  • You’ll leverage various tools and methodologies to conduct the project management and research learning. But, if the current ones aren’t working, you’ll take the initiative to figure out how to tweak, build, or find new ones to keep forward progress and increase our efficiency.
  • You’ll collaborate with Lean Research Director(s) and Strategy Teams to develop the learning guides and questionnaires to accomplish the learning objectives, analyze study results, and create the foundation for transforming data into actionable insights
  • You’ll use your customer/consumer empathy skills to assist in moderating asynchronous research and live interviews.  


How we’ll know if it’s working out:

  • Our Strategy and Lean Research Team members will feel a strong sense of trust knowing that your work will be completed with excellence and on time. They’ll be wowed by your ability to manage the many moving pieces with ease and confidence.
  • Our Clients will see insightful data at a speed that proves why quick-turn research is part of our secret sauce. They’ll be able to immediately take action to inform and de-risk the big decisions they’ll make against their business challenge.
  • You will be making meaningful contributions to discover the insights needed to push our projects forward, including creative problem solving as necessary pivots arise from the uncertainty. 
  • You will be contributing to the development of our Lean Research Function as part of what sets us apart from competitors.
  • Projects will hit key milestones and KPIs. 
  • The broad TGG team will see you jumping in with a can-do attitude to help fill gaps when priorities shift. 
  • You are learning and growing with each project you complete. You are independently connecting dots and leveraging your experiences to make a bigger impact on each project. 
  • Your eagerness to learn, coupled with your courageous mindset, drives you to self-study methodologies, proactively reach out to others (internally and externally) for input and context, engages you in activities that develop your empathy and external perspective, and helps you keep a pulse on new products and trends in the market.   

What we’re looking for:

  • At least 2-4 years of market research industry experience.
  • Experience with research participant recruiting, ensuring data privacy compliance, programming studies, and managing research vendors.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to translate qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights and conclusions.
  • Strong attention to detail and quality-focused mindset. 
  • Time management skills and the ability to manage multiple projects, meet deadlines, and pivot as priorities change.
  • Someone who thrives in a work environment full of ambiguity and freedom.  A self-motivated, initiative-taker who can manage their own time.
  • Someone who enjoys going heads-down to get stuff done independently as much as they enjoy working collaboratively with others. 
  • Passionate and enthusiastic about exceeding expectations and always looking for new ways to assist the team and client.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset of hustle, natural curiosity, jumping in on tasks with humility (regardless of title), and a deep knowing that better results come from collaboration.

A little about us: 

The Garage Group is a boutique consulting collective of smart, ambitious, mission-driven employees and contractors who are excited about solving tough challenges while unlocking courage in our clients. We work remotely – with a mix of both independent and collaborative work – and enjoy culture-building activities ranging from virtual happy hours to in-person quarterly team meetings. We’re on a high growth trajectory and are looking for folks who share our mindsets, exemplify our operating principles, and want to be part of a team that has fun while doing tough work that requires both courage and perseverance (and the ability to laugh & pivot when things go wrong).

Lean Research Associate Application