We’re looking for creatives, entrepreneurial leaders, and experienced strategists in Greater Chicago, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and to grow with us on our journey and impact our clients. 

An ideal candidate works courageously and has a growth mindset. She/he/they strives to be trusted with clients, delivers results, and always sees the bigger picture. She/he/they is poised and professional and exudes credibility, but operates with humility as a battle-tested innovator who quickly grasps context for effective, practical application.

What type of skills and experience are we looking for?

  • Strong client management/facilitation/account management: strong oral communication skills, exhibits professionalism, able to facilitate strategic conversations with the client, able to manage the room/ multiple personalities, holds teams accountable, able to have tough conversations when needed

  • Strategic thinking & storytelling (oral): session communication skills (ability to bring the team along, content competency; able to achieve the objective

  • Strategic thinking & storytelling (written & visual) cast the vision in written and visual form; able to summarize the story on the back-end; navigate the teams through ambiguity

  • Functional expertise/credibility: Bringing in the outside perspective - keeping a pulse on the market & trends, bringing in the expert, bringing in the consumer, bringing in the perspective of the venture capital/startup space

  • Data (Qualitative & Quantitative) Analysis: Ability to manage and digest both quantitative and qualitative data, synthesizing it into digestible insights, and building an easy-to-follow story to bring all stakeholders along the journey.  

  • Curious Learner & Associative Thinking: Adept at keeping a pulse on the market & trends, smart research skills to quickly collect and connect dots in new ways.  

  • Project Management: High attention to detail; ability to manage multiple projects and timelines, including the management of project-level logistics (e.g. booking venues, food, etc. for engagements and conferences).

What might you do?

  • Delivery of Client Engagements: Serve as the voice of the consumer (or other key stakeholders) throughout the end-to-end engagement. 

    • Presenting trends, writing insights, concepts, reports

    • Design and execute client engagements for a limited variety of innovation and strategy related challenges. Here are a few examples of our work.

  • Research Delivery: Facilitate qualitative research. This includes working with our 3rd party vendors on recruiting and logistics, owning the analysis of multiple consumer research touch points, and consistently structuring unstructured data in research reporting to provide strategic recommendations to clients. This include but not be limited to:

    • Curate trends and analogs 

    • Moderate Digital Ethnography 

    • Develop Social Media Ethnography

    • Codify insights and learnings into compelling reports

    • Collect and analyze relevant assessments of specific categories/products leveraging publicly available data.

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