Leaders from Colgate, RB, Danone, and Barilla on the Rise of Health & Wellness

August 6 | 12-1pm EST | via ZOOM 

Consumers have been increasingly focused on health and wellness for years and as a result, trends like sustainability, plant-based, and more have boomed. And as we denoted in our early pandemic consumer research, COVID-19 has only accelerated that focus and expanded what it means for consumers. How does this rapidly accelerating shift affect varying industries and categories? What does health, wellness, and well-being mean to consumers? How are corporate leaders at companies like Colgate, RB, Danone, and Barilla adjusting strategy to adapt to changing and accelerating needs?

On August 6, Jason Hauer, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, The Garage Group, will be hosting a very expansive Courageous Minds Only virtual discussion with four BigCo leaders who are leading the way exploring what this expanding definition of health and wellness means for their brands, industries, categories, and companies.

Here’s who is jumping in:

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